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Welcome to Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School and thank you for visiting us. We are a small boutique, primary boys school located in Randwick, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. As the third Headmaster of Coogee Preparatory in over 100 years, I am incredibly proud of what the School has achieved as a place of teaching and learning. As a community we can hold our heads high knowing that as the boys transition from their small Prep School into one of the many large Independent and selective secondary schools around Sydney, they do so confidently knowing they are well prepared as gentlemen, scholars and sportsmen.

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While Coogee Preparatory has a long and incredible history founded in boy’s education and a traditional value set, it is our modern approach to learning that has fostered a nurturing and supportive environment for our students from Kindergarten to year six as they develop into well rounded young men.

At Coogee Preparatory we recognise that every student who walks through our doors have different learning needs, capabilities and interests. Our agile, dynamic and engaging teaching team instil an irrefutable self-confidence and esteem in our student, while delivering a comprehensive education curriculum, supported by an extensive sporting, co-curricular and creative/performing arts program.

After many years of study, before moving into a teacher’s role in a variety of school and then becoming Headmaster of Coogee Boys Preparatory in 1995, I can wholeheartedly express my enthusiasm about the future of education in Australia and look forward to the exciting innovations and initiatives we bring to our own students at Coogee Prep. While I watch on with pride at our students forging strong, lasting relationships with their peers, it is also our Coogee Prep community, in particular our Parents and Friends Association and Old Boys Union, that truly shows the strength of community and commitment to learning and education at the School.

To our many parents, and broader CPS community, I thank you for your wonderful and unwavering support of our School. To new parents and students, I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and welcoming you into our wonderful Coogee Boys Preparatory community.


Kind regards,

John T. Dicks


For over a 100 years, Coogee Boys’ Preparatory School has taken great pride in knowing that it offers a truly authentic and inclusive primary education for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We provide an inclusive all-round boys’ education under our motto of Gentleman Scholar Sportsman, and are recognised as a leading fully independent boys’ primary school, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Science and Technology
Information Technology and Communication (ITC)
Human Society and its Environment
Creative and Practical Arts
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Religious and Values Education


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Coogee Boys' Preparatory School (Coogee Prep) is a single-stream school with one class per year and a maximum number of twenty five (25) boys per class.


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