‘Educating boys to become Gentlemen, Scholars and Sportsmen since 1914’

The School promotes and in-stills gentlemanly behaviour, good manners, politeness and courtesy from all its students. The classrooms are creative learning environments, centred on individual needs, independent learning and whole class outcomes, which is necessary for ongoing student personal growth and development. The School encourages all boys to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, including the sports program, house activities and cultural pursuits that promote teamwork, camaraderie and School Spirit. We strive to ensure that each student’s experience at Coogee Prep is a positive and rewarding one.


The safe, nurturing and supportive environment encourages all students to develop their potential, where scholastic, social and personal resilience are key outcomes from their time with us. Students are encouraged to take on measured risks and the new challenges presented, ultimately preparing them for the rigours and challenges of further education and their lives ahead.