Sport is an important component of a student’s education which helps each boy develop physically and socially through teamwork, discipline and individual performance. It also promotes a sense of well-being and encourages each boy to engage in positive physical activity and sportsmanlike behaviour. Primary boys are involved in compulsory Saturday sport, where they have the choice of a number of sports, such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball, touch footy, that alternate between the Summer and Winter months. We hold our annual Swimming and Athletics carnivals, from which we select boys to represent the School at inter-school carnivals, such as IPSHA, the QUAD and South Harbour events.

The School encourages open communication between parents and teachers, in the bid to establish a strong and cooperative link between the home and school. This is vital in the life of each student’s outlook and motivation, as it ensures that they feel both environments are providing a cohesive, collaborative support network.

‘Educating boys to become Gentlemen, Scholars and Sportsmen since 1914’

The ‘Parents and Friends’ (P&F) at Coogee Prep is highly active in contributing greatly to the sense of community spirit within the School. Being a single stream school the opportunity exists for parents to get to know many families and to actively participate in their son’s journey through Coogee Prep.